How To Get Rid of Constipation Fast and Improve Your Health

Constipation can simply be defined as difficulty or inability to pass stools as a result of its hardening or clogging together. It is among the most common conditions experienced by several individuals worldwide. Strangely, it’s more common in kids and women than men. In some people, this condition is experienced only at some time because of specific reasons, whereas others experience regular bouts of constipation which can be very troublesome. Discussed below are some ways on how to get rid of constipation.   how to get rid of constipation fast

Occasional constipation is not a serious condition and can be eliminated by different means. Laxatives are the perfect medications to cure this condition fast. Milder laxatives can be bought over-the-counter and can be administered orally.

Alternatively, stool softeners, as the name suggests, help make the stool soft and much easier to pass out from the body. However, it is advisable not to take either stool softeners or laxatives for an extended period because they can lead to permanent damage of the bowel or the intestines. It can also lead to the loss of your tonsil stones (a side effect).

To avoid this, you can go for certain natural remedies that are very effective and have no side effects. To start with, stay dehydrated. Lack of fluid in the body may lead to constipation. To cure the condition, it’s recommended that you drink eight glasses of water daily.

Increase your fiber intake. You probably know that fiber deficiency is the main cause of constipation so your goal should be to eat foods rich in fiber. A bowl of oatmeal is a good start, but a bowl of oatmeal, a number of fruits, and a bran muffin is even better. For many people, increasing fiber intake can serve as a natural, healthy way to cure constipation. Many people currently eat more of processed foods but to get rid of constipation, you need to eat more vegetables and fruits to get the necessary amount of fiber required by your body. The insoluble fiber makes your meal bulky whereas the soluble fiber changes into soft texture like paste in the intestines to help prevent the formation of hard, dry stools that are difficult to eliminate. This helps also for hemorrhoids – you can look at this resource.

Train yourself to have early morning bowel movements. Sit on the toilet bowl for five to ten minutes each morning so as to induce the urge to move you eliminate the bowel contents. To cure constipation, don’t delay or ignore the urge to defecate, even when you are busy. Ignoring the urge may lead to a habit of irregular defecation which may lead to constipation.

Eat thirty pieces of sugar-free candy daily so as to relieve constipation. Such candy has an ingredient that induce diarrhea, and if you don’t overeat it, it can relieve constipation and keep you regular daily. A good example of sugar-free candy is jelly beans. You can also choose to chew sugar-free gum daily, but the candy works better.

Drink 4 oz. of prune juice with pulp together with plenty of water. In the beginning, drink a glass each morning until you get back to normal, and then reduce to once a week. For the individuals who don’t like prunes, you can use apricots instead. Drink one glass of apricot juice every morning, or alternatively, you can eat two dried apricots daily to relieve constipation.

In conclusion, natural remedies are certainly the best cure for constipation. However, in case you are still experiencing problems after using these remedies for a week, it’s advisable to visit a doctor. Remember to always use common sense when using the natural constipation remedies.