Health Roundup – April 2014

  • A lot of men are concerned about their sexuality and especially the size of their penis…. They search the internet for hours to find solution. Well, here is an excellent article about penis enlargement
  • Pain Medication are powerful drugs that interfere with the transfer of neurotransmitters in the nervous system which are the culprit for feeling pain. Most painkillers also stimulate parts of the brain associated with pleasure. Therefore, in addition to blocking the pain they create a situation of “high”.
    The most powerful painkillers called opioids, and two of the most popular opiods are Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. The drugs are not similar, and there are many difference between them. Here is an excellent article about Oxycodone and Hydrocodone and when to use each one.You can also read about hydrocodone vs. oxycodone in this article.
  • Many men are obsessed with their penis size. They think its the only things that matters. Anyway, The article on reveals the right ways to enlarge your penis (but it doesnt matter).
  • Diabetes is an awful disease, so its best to avoid it. Read here on how to avoid diabetes. Life saver!
  • One of the subject I’ve search but nonetheless  couldn’t find any information on the network about – is about making your menstrual period come faster. The only thing I got is “there is no such way”. Until recently I stumbled upon excllent post about inducing the menstrual period. Very informative, and finally, yes finally – gives exact answer. Great post!
    Another excellent post is on