How to make your period stop?

how to make your period stop

Most women wonder whether there is a way on how to make your period stop. For Most of them, having period causes inconveniences and interrupts events such as weddings, travel arrangements and sex. Certain women do not like the symptoms that come with periods such as discomforts, headaches and cramps, all of which can interrupt work and leisure. Some women undergo heavy bleeding and would love to regulate it. Others would just want to delay a period for just a day so that they can carry out important activities without causing inconveniences. While others would want to stop them completely, especially those who do not have plans of getting children any time soon.

Listed below are some ways you can use on how to make your period stop safely.


Can you delay or eliminate my period with my birth control? A great way to make your period stop is to use birth control pills. Before trying this, it is a good idea to see a doctor who will give you advice on what will best suit you and the risks involved.

Contraceptives prevent ovulation and fertilization from taking place. A great way to stop your menstruation is to take birth control pills. These hormonal pills usually take one cycle before your period sets in. If taken correctly, your periods will stop. Once you discontinue your use your periods will come back.

Note that if you take birth control pills for long periods, you might be prone to headaches, cardiovascular conditions, hormonal imbalances and cancer.


Tranexamic acid is a tablet that causes blood in the uterus to clot, thus decreasing heavy menstrual bleeding by around 30-60%. You can take 2-3 tablets, three to four times everyday when you start menstruating. Note that, these are not birth control pills, so they cannot prevent pregnancy.

Drugs such as mafenamic, naproxen, and ibuprofen are painkillers that can be taken to regulate menstrual flow. These drugs help in decreasing cramps that come with menstruation, and they also minimize bleeding by 20-50%. You can take them three to four times each day before your period and continue taking them until the bleeding stops.

Gonadotropins are hormone releasing drugs that can help you on how to make your period stop. However, they should only be used in the short term as they are quite expensive and could cause serious health complications.


You doctor can advice you to opt for surgery to stop your periods. This would take place if you have a medical condition that causes heavy menstruation, such uterine fibroid or myoma. Your doctor can recommend hysterectomy or the complete removal of your uterus. This will help you on how to make your periods stop completely.


Flexible cups are inserted in the vagina in front the cervix to gather menstrual blood. It does not stop your menstruation; it stops the blood from flowing through the vagina, just like a tampon. You can wear it for 12 hour and is reusable until your period is over.

The good thing about using this device is that it seems to stop your period safely with no hormones or medications. You can put it on while perfuming any kind of activity even sex!

There are other ways that can help you on how to make your period stop, but to determine their effectiveness you should consider getting advice from your doctor.

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